Repainting Older Homes

We’re Good at Repainting Older Homes

Because Our Team Believes in T.T.T. (Take The Time)

Repaint an older home

We refuse to compromise quality by using airless sprayers for exterior painting. This is an overrated, dangerous tool. Airless sprayers should only be used on very smooth exterior surfaces. Most exterior surfaces have three-dimensional texture and require brush work to embed the paint into all the cracks and crevices. Most painters use airless sprayers for productivity with no thought as to how long the job will last. It’s very easy with an airless sprayer to put on a thin coat of paint. A thin coat of paint or even two won’t last. Here are some facts to consider when you are thinking about having your older home repainted:

1. exterior16New home painters are under the gun for project completion time, and have a very limited budget. Therefore, they often resort to using quick-dry products and one or two coats. Standard building specifications are almost never followed.

2. 90% of new home construction is flat finish paint on sheetrock walls. Taping and patching is done so that it is acceptable when using flat paint.

3. Older homes are likely to have had more than one occupant and more than one painter. In most cases the objective was to get the unpleasant project over as soon as possible. This means little or no sanding, cleaning or preparing. This also means poor patching and in many cases the use of quick-dry products. Very seldom is there any thought to latex over oil, flat over semi-gloss, primer or no primer, etc. In addition, most students working at paint stores don’t have the knowledge required to give good advice and if advice is given the advice is geared toward making the project as easy as possible.

exterior154. Come on, you said it yourself “ANY ONE CAN PAINT.” That is true and that is who most of our competition is. Someone with the same idea looking for a quick dollar, someone with a pickup truck and a ladder. Yes, they can paint but that is about as far as it goes. The reality is a beautiful finish and long term durability results from preparation-preparation-preparation.

5. Lake Area Painting & Decorating hires people willing to T.T.T (Take The Time).

exterior146. The job is not just about painting. Lake Area Painting & Decorating has the knowledge to prepare the surface and use the best products. The patience and commitment to TAKE THE TIME. The skill to provide a beautiful finish and the understanding that none of it means anything if it doesn’t last.