Interior Painting Photos

Painting Oak Cabinets

Mahtomedi, MN

Enameled and Lacquer Cabinets in North Oaks, MN
Interior Doors

Spraying doors in our shop for a super smooth finish.

Interior Railing System

Transformed these oak railings with California Ultra Satin paint.  It is a superior washable and stain resistance paint.  Great for cabinets, doors and woodwork where a satin finish is desired.

Interior Walls & Ceilings Painting in North Oaks, MN
Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Maplewood, MN
Black and discolored window sills? We removed all problem areas and they a …
Cabinet Refinishing
Cabinet Refinishing, how about black? Looks awesome, located in Woodbury,  …
Painted Stove Vent in Hugo, Minnesota
Restored Maple Kitchen Cabinets-Ham Lake, Minnesota
Wallpapered Hallway in Eagan, MN
Interior Wall Painting, Dellwood, MN
Interior Paint & Enamel, Dellwood, MN
Interior Paint & Cabinet Finishing – Mahtomedi, MN
Interior Cabinets & Wood Finishing – Mahtomedi, MN
Interior Paint & Stain – Eagan, MN
Interior Paint – Eagan, MN
Interior Paint – Eagan, MN
Interior Paint – Eagan, MN
Interior Stain – North Oaks, MN
Window Sill After Repairs – Vadnais Heights, MN
Interior Wallpaper & Stain – Dellwood, MN
Interior Stain – Dellwood, MN