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North Oaks Exterior After Photo

On my last post, I posted a North Oaks home that was in progress.  Today I had the opportunity to take the after photo.  A paint job can only be as good as the surface you are painting over.  Preparation is the key to a LONG lasting paint job.


Why Does My Exterior Paint Job Fail?

A paint job can only be as good as the surface we are painting over. Many layers of misapplied paint result in massive failure. All paint manufacturers and industry analysts agree that preparation on an existing painted house normally takes about 70% preparation and 30% painting, most painters and homeowners do quite the opposite.  We are in the progress of removing all the paint from this home in North Oaks, Minnesota due to this problem. Preparation, preparation, and more preparation is the key to a long lasting paint job and that’s exactly what Lake Area Painting does!


Centerville Cement Board Home Painted with Aura Low Lustre in August of 2017

This home in Centerville, Minnesota and was only 10 years old, but the paint job looked like it was 20 years old. The original paint was of poor quality and was put on thin by an airless sprayer.  It started to fade and oxidized within 3 years.  Lake Area Painting & Decorating came to the rescue and power washed with hot water to cause and locate failure and to remove the oxidation, dirt, and mildew.  We then painted with Aura Low Lustre paint and it was applied by brush this time around.  The body color is Aura Fairview Taupe and the peaks are Night Horizon.  What a difference with the two-tone color, this home really pops!  We also stripped and refurbished the front entry door.